Main services

ERP Software

XETAX takes care of your ERP needs with powerful scalability, flexibility, high value and ease of use. Information from across your business stored in a centralised database can give your colleagues the tools to work quickly and effectively—helping to drive your business forward. With years of experience delivering top-class custom solutions to highly sophisticated clients, XETAX is constantly internalising client feedback and innovating.

Payroll Software

The key to understanding payroll tax is in the details. Details are often overlooked and accounting software does not always recognise input errors, which accumulate over time. XETAX developed a unique and cost effective method for recognising these errors in payroll accounting. Our software quickly scans massive amounts of data and identifies all previous errors in payroll calculations. These errors cause tax overpayments for which a refund can be sought from the HMRC our clients have errors in their payroll systems and are owed refunds by tax authorities. This software helps prevent any future errors to prevent excess tax payments.

VAT Audit

VAT, like payroll, is a complex field, with different rates for different types of supply and strict rules about the point at which VAT is charged and chargeable. Businesses are required to maintain accurate VAT records and submit returns to HMRC very soon after a period end. Even with the automated calculation of VAT from modern accounting packages, many errors can creep into the system, from manual overrides to insufficient data, all of which can result in the overpayment of VAT due to the tax authorities. Using the same lightning fast algorithms that check PAYE systems, we can run a full system check on VAT data and report back to you on the savings you can make and suggest ways to prevent repeated errors. Let us get your VAT right.